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Accidents happen, and sometimes they can leave you stranded outside your own home. Don’t fret, iUnlock Locksmiths has got you covered. Here’s a step-by-step guide on what you should do when you find yourself locked out.

Stay Calm and Assess the Situation

First things first, stay calm. Panic can cloud your judgement and lead to unnecessary errors. Take a deep breath and assess the situation. Could you have left a window open or have a spare key hidden somewhere? Is there a neighbour who might have a spare key? If there’s no such luck, then it’s time to call in the professionals.

Contact iUnlock Locksmiths for Immediate Assistance

When you’re locked out, quick and reliable help is what you need. iUnlock Locksmiths is your dependable partner in such situations. We’re a team of trained professionals who specialise in residential lockout services, and we’re always ready to help. Give us a call at our 24/7 hotline and we’ll be there in no time.

Providing Necessary Information to the Locksmith

When you contact us, there’s some information we’ll need from you. This includes:

  1. Your exact location. Be as detailed as possible to help us find you quickly.
  2. The type of lock you have, if you know it. This helps us to prepare and bring the right tools for the job.

Your cooperation and clarity will enable us to serve you better and faster.

Preparing Proof of Identification and Ownership

For the security of our customers, iUnlock Locksmiths requires proof of identification and ownership before we can unlock a home. Please prepare a valid ID and any documentation that shows you reside at the address. If the documentation is inside the house, we will ask you to retrieve and present it once the door is unlocked.

Following the Locksmith’s Instructions and Guidance

Once we’re at your location, trust our expertise. Our locksmith will walk you through the process, explaining what they’re doing and why. We value your understanding and want you to feel comfortable throughout the process. Please follow any instructions given by our locksmiths for your safety and to expedite the unlocking process.

No one plans on getting locked out of their home, but it’s comforting to know that help is just a call away. iUnlock Locksmiths is committed to serving you with professionalism, reliability, and speed. So, save our number, and in case you ever find yourself locked out, remember – we’re here to get you back in.

What to Expect During the Lockout Service

Once our professional locksmith arrives at your location, you can expect a seamless service that prioritises your security and convenience. Here’s a brief overview of what will happen:

Lock Assessment

Our locksmith will assess the lock and situation. This might involve asking you a few more questions about how you ended up locked out or examining the lock closely. This is to determine the best way to unlock the door without causing unnecessary damage.

Work Process and Estimated Time

After assessment, the locksmith will explain the approach they plan to take and provide an estimated time for the work. This could range from picking the lock, if possible, to drilling and replacing it in more complex cases.

The Unlocking Procedure

Our locksmiths are trained to employ non-destructive methods wherever possible, meaning we will always attempt to open the lock without causing damage first. If the lock must be drilled, we will explain this to you and get your permission first.


Once your door is unlocked, we don’t just pack up and leave. If your lock has to be drilled, we will offer to install a new one for you. We can also provide advice on how to avoid future lockouts and discuss options like spare keys or digital keyless entry systems.


Remember, at iUnlock Locksmiths, your security is our priority.

If you are looking for a mobile locksmith in North Sydney do contact iUnlock Locksmith. We do have a team of professionals who are ready to offer you great advice and assistance. To contact iUnlock Locksmith over the phone, do dial. You can as well send an email to locksmith@iunlock.com.au.

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