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Need help with lost car keys in Sydney? Have you misplaced your car keys? Or are you in possession of broken car keys? If your answer is yes, have you searched high and low for your lost car keys Sydney wide and still can’t find them? Well, if you’re in such a situation and don’t have a spare key it’s time to get a new one. That said the process of car key replacement is not as simple as it looks. You can’t just go to the nearest depot to get a new key for your car.

This in mind, the process of replacing lost car keys in Sydney highly depends on the type of car you have. The type of key your car uses also matters a lot when it comes to car key replacement. To help you find the right lost car keys Sydney services, we’ve shared below details on what steps to take.

Know The Type of Car Keys You’ve Lost

Knowing the type of car keys you’ve lost is very important. In fact, this is the first thing you should do before seeking services of auto locksmiths in Sydney. Car keys are normally categorised in two, remote and non-remote car keys. There are three commonly used car remote keys and they are;

  • Separate Remote With Key – This type of remote key comes with the remote and key separated. The key is used to start the ignition and the remote unlock car doors and turns off the car alarm.
  • A Remote Entry Fob With Integrated Key – The key in this remote car key is used to start the ignition. The remote on the other hand is used to unlock car doors and turn off the car’s alarms etc.
  • Remote Keyless System Fob – Common with “keyless cars”. This type of keys usually has hidden mechanical keys in the fob. Many use it in emergencies when they want to unlock a car door. It has a central locking system that makes it easy to lock every car door.

A commonly used non-remote key is a transponder key or chip keys. These types of car keys don’t have central locking. They also don’t have remote control functions.

Prepare Relevant Information For Your Local Auto Locksmiths

Now that you’ve known the type of car key you’ve lost, next step is preparing relevant information for your locksmith. Getting this right determines the type of car key cutting services you receive in Sydney. There are five areas of concern when preparing relevant information for your auto locksmith. These five are;

  • The Make and Model of Your Car – This information is very important as it informs automotive locksmiths the type of key that’ll open your car.
  • Registration Number of Your Car – Similar to make and model of a car, registration number gives auto locksmiths offering services including car key cutting a clue of the type of key that’ll open your car.
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) – This number helps you in finding someone who’ll help replace your lost car keys in Sydney. You can get this information on your V5 document. You’ll find it on the dashboard side of the driver in some cars.
  • Personal Identification – This information is very important as it helps prove you are the owner of the car. This should have the following information clearly detailed, all your names, a passport photo and address.
  • Postcode – This gives automotive locksmiths in your area know where you are. This way, an emergency locksmith can know where to find you and your car. This makes it easy for them to offer their car key programming services in Sydney.

Get To Know Who Can Help

By now am sure you are well aware that automotive locksmiths can help you replace your car keys. Now, other than auto locksmiths, who else can help? Well, including auto locksmiths, there are three options available to you. These three are;

  • An Automotive Locksmith – These are expert in car keys. They are in a position to offer car key replacement services for different type of vehicles. They include cars, van, trucks and even motorbikes and scooters. To fully deliver, they use varying tech sophistication degrees. All this combined to make them a perfect solution to anyone who lost cars in Sydney. When opting for an auto locksmith in Sydney, the key is to go for one with mobile locksmith vans. This’ll see your auto locksmith coming to your location or area with ease and fast.
  • Car Dealership – Yes, a car dealership can help you if you’ve lost car keys in Sydney. Why? Well, they have the latest technology and equipment to help them replace car keys. In fact, experts advise you replace your smart key at a dealership.
  • Online Retailer – If you know what you are looking for, there is an option of replacing your car key online using online retailers. This will help you save on cost, mostly labor costs. Of importance to note here is that you’ll need to make sure your car key is cut and programmed following your original purchase.

Need more information on lost car keys in Sydney or how you can get assistance? Visit the iUnlock Locksmiths official page. We provide services for lost car keys Sydney wide You can also speak to one of their staff members over the phone using 1800 878 171. If you opt to contact using email, send one to locksmith@iunlock.com.au.

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