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Not sure if you’ve done everything to properly secure your home? Well, here are 7 expert locksmith tips sure to help you properly secure your home.  

If you are a homeowner or if you just rent, knowing that you’ve properly secured your home is something am sure you strive for. Unfortunately, this is something not many have perfected or know how to do. As a result, you’ll find them dealing with all matters securing their homes.

Having said, this post seeks to help you properly secure your home. To do this, this post gets to highlights expert locksmith tips sure to help secure your home. So whether you are stressing over losing keys, being locked out or even someone entering your home without your knowledge, these expert locksmith tips will have you covered all year long.

That said the seven expert locksmith tips we’ll highlight in this post are;

  • Using Deadbolts
  • Keep Keys Out Of Sight
  • Rekeying
  • Double Cylinder Locks
  • Lock Windows & Doors
  • Standard Locks
  • Locks Repairs

Using Deadbolts

Using deadbolts tops the list of quite a number of expert locksmith tips when it comes to securing homes. So why is this? Why is using deadbolts important? Well, unlike regular doorknobs, deadlocks generally offer extra defence. This defence can be against burglars looking to steal your items or just anyone seeking to enter your home without permission. Regular doorknobs don’t give your home the protection it deserves.

If you happen to be using one, anyone can find a way to break into your home, yes, it’s that simple. Deadbolts on the other hand offer this much-needed protection. In fact, if you were to speak with an expert locksmith, he/she will tell you that deadbolts are the way to go. Of importance to note however is, when using deadbolts, do install a double cylinder deadbolt. Furthermore, make sure it can only be unlocked using a key.

Keep Keys Out of Sight

If there is a mistake many tend to make when it comes to securing homes is keeping keys in areas where there are easily available. In most cases, leaving your keys in an area that’s easily visible tempts thieves to burglar your home. This, in fact, can happen even if they had no intention of stealing from you.

A big reason why this is so is the fact that they don’t have to do much. Just get the keys when you are gone, enter your home and take whatever they want. They can even help themselves with a gateway car if you left your car keys at home.

If you are having difficulties finding an ideal spot to place your key, consider going for a letterbox with brushes. This basically helps with draughts. In addition, it helps conceal the inside view from those who want to snoop.


Another must feature in many expert locksmith tips when it comes to securing homes is rekeying. However, not many people actually what it is exactly. So what exactly is rekeying? Well, it’s basically the process of replacing or changing old lock pins. In other words, you get to use new lock pins with any given rekeying work. The process of replacing or changing old lock pins is important in a number of instances.

For starters, if you’ve happened to move to a new home it is advised that you rekey your locks. Furthermore, you should consider rekeying if you’ve ever been locked out of your home and had to gain access using an alternative method. Rekeying is also recommended for homes with locks that have been compromised. The process of rekeying is usually very simple and fast. Key with it is seeking services of an expert locksmith such as iUnlock.

Double Cylinder Locks

Double cylinder locks are very crucial when it comes to matters securing your home. This is more so true if you are leaving in a home where the door is close to or next to the windows. Why is this so? Well, if you happen to live in a home where the door is close to the window, a burglar or anybody can easily gain access to your home by simply breaking the window glass and opening your door.

This gets even worse if your door can easily be opened without using a key from inside. With double cylinder locks, you are guaranteed a lock that can only be opened using keys. Therefore, even if someone managed to break a window, they still won’t be able to access your home easily.

Lock Windows & Doors

Locking windows and doors is another top tip from expert locksmith countrywide. And I know what you are probably thinking, it’s locking doors, we all do that. Well, the number of people that don’t lock their windows or doors when leaving their homes will surprise you. Furthermore, there some who actually lock their windows and doors but fail to do it correctly.

That said always make sure that you’ve properly locked your home before leaving. This also goes for when you are taking a short trip, let’s say a trip to a grocery shop a few blocks away.

While still on the subject of locking windows and doors, ensure that you haven’t left your windows on the latch. Why is this? Well, doing so makes it extremely easy for someone to gain access to your home. Sadly, some leave their windows on the latch when there are inside. In the event an intruder (burglar) gains access to your home, things might not end up pretty.

Standard Locks

Talk to any expert locksmith and they’ll tell you that using standardised locks is very important. What do I mean by this? Well, always ensure that you use locks that conform to Australian standards. What this does is give you a guarantee that you are using quality authentic products.

Furthermore, if you have taken insurance on your home, using standard locks is something you must do. In case you are wondering, well, some insurance companies will not easily pay you out after a burglary has happened if you have locks that don’t conform to Australian standards.

Locks Checks & Repairs

Lastly on this expert locksmith tips that’ll help secure your home is checking and repairing locks. It is important that you get a locksmith to check and repair your locks regularly. With checking, an expert locksmith can be able to point out any weaknesses with locks. Once he/she does this, they’ll be in a position to provide quick and lasting solutions for your locks.

The best part about dealing with an expert locksmith when it comes to lock repairs is time. Professional locksmiths like iUnlock will repair your lock(s) fast. In addition, they’ll work to ensure that renovation or replacement of locks is standards.

Did you like the tips?

There you have it, seven expert locksmith tips sure to make your home more secure. If you are in need of any locksmith services in any of these areas do contact iUnlock. You can do this by dialling 1800 878 171. You can as well send an email to locksmith@iunlock.com.au.

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