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When people move to a new home or lose their keys, they often consider replacing their lock to ensure safety. Replacing a lock is a convenient and hassle-free option. However, it can be expensive than the other available option, that is, rekeying locks. 

If you’re confused between replacing or rekeying locks, read below to find your best and cheaper option.

What is rekeying a lock?

Rekeying is often a security measure that ensures the safety of your property in case of a lost key. Rekey lock means changing the old key of the lock with a new key. For this, locksmiths do not replace your lock; instead they change the spring and pins of the lock to make keyhole perfect for a new key.

Why is Rekeying cheaper than Lock replacement?

When it comes to rekeying the lock, the locksmith changes the key pins of the lock cylinder. Changing key pins are not expensive when compared to price of complete new lockset. Therefore, rekeying is an extremely cost-effective option than lock replacement. 

  • You save a lot of money through rekeying number of locks which you open by a single key.
  • It takes less time to rekey lock than replacing it completely.
  • This allows you to limit home access with more accuracy. 

What is lock replacement?

Lock replacement is nothing but the installation of a brand new lock system in your premises. Worn or rusted locks can cause big threat to the safety of your property. They are easy to break for any intruder or thief. Moreover, rusty locks are difficult to open with keys. So, in such case replacing the old lock with new lock system is the best solution. 

When to choose to rekey a lock?

  • When you plan to move to your new house or building, instead of changing lock which is in good condition consider rekey. It is a cost-effective solution, and in a few bucks, you can get new working keys for your entire building. This is as safe and secure as the installation of the new lock.
  • When you lost your key somewhere on the road or in office, then also rekey is the best for you. 

When to choose a lock replacement?

  • When your lock is in poor condition, and you feel difficulty in open it, then it is a clear indication that you need to replace the lock system.
  • If you want to upgrade your security system then replacing a lock is a great option.
  • If your locks are of different brands and you want a single key for all locks, then you have to buy a lock of the same brand. It means you need to change your locks.

Summing up:

So, when you find yourself needing to rekey lock, lock replacement or any other locksmith services, call unlock locksmith. We are available 24/7 to help you. Our phone no. is 1800 878 171. You can also send us a message our e-mail address is locksmith@iunlock.com.au.

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