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Are you worried about your home security? Worried of someone breaking into your home and stealing your property? Don’t want to experience a roller-coaster of emotions or financial obligations that comes with a break-in? Well, this post helps you do just that by showing you how best to secure your home against theft. 

For many Australians, the thought of being a victim of home burglary or a break-in is a huge concern. Many simply don’t want to deal with the financial consequences that come with it. Furthermore, the subsequent emotional impact associated with a break-in or home burglary tends to have a heavy toll. Unfortunately, this is something that many Australians are faced with a number of times. In fact, a survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) showed that there is an increase in the number of break-ins every year. This includes sheds, garages and home break-ins.

Given this fact, many are looking for ways to improve their home security. This way, they’ll be able to better protect themselves and property against break-ins or home burglary. It is with this that we’ve opted to share with you this post. Below, you’ll find details on how best to improve your home security.

  • Home Security Weakness
  • Hide Vulnerable/Pricy Items
  • Safeguard Your Keys
  • Upgrade Your Home Security
  • Do Away With All Covers
  • Install An Alarm System
  • Store Your Valuables In A Safe Place

Home Security Weakness

When it comes to securing your home against theft, it is important that you identify home security weaknesses. While this might seem like an easy to do task, a number of us tend to neglect it. In some cases, we tend to factor it in but fail to carry it out correctly. The best way to check for home security weaknesses is by survey the area around it.

In particular, you want to survey your home with a thief’s perspective. Check on windows, doors or even locks that can be compromised easily. Once you identified an area of weakness, let’s say a faulty lock replace it with a new one. If it’s a window that can easily be opened, fix it. 

Hide Vulnerable/Pricy Items  

Another mistake a number of people make when it comes to securing their homes is openly displaying their items. As such, always make sure that vulnerable/pricy items are not openly displayed. This is especially true if you happen to have large windows. Always make sure that these items are nicely hidden. Openly displaying them only invites thieves to break-in to your house. The good thing with this practice is that you won’t have to do any redecorations. Simply make one or two adjustments and you’ll be good.   

SafeGuard Your Keys

Safeguarding your home’s keys is another way of improving your home security. Despite this fact however, not many of us practice the art of safeguarding their keys. It is not hard to find homeowners in Australia leaving their home keys in the open where people can easily see them. What this does is basically make it easy for thieves to break-in to your home.

I know what you might be saying, “I already do that”. Well, there is something else you might be doing wrong and that is lending your keys. Lending people your keys is as bad as leaving them in the open. As a result, do avoid this activity as much as possible.

Upgrade Your Home Security

You’ll be surprised by the number of homes that have worn out security systems. In fact, in the surveys released by Australian Bureau of Statistics, 60% of homeowners who suffered a break-in or burglary stated that either their window or door had been tampered with or damaged during the break-in or burglary. This is mind, it is important that one upgrade their home security. In particular, you want to make sure strengthen your doors and windows. You can go about this by using grills or even shutters. Look for upgrades that are sure to make it hard for burglars to break-in.

Do Away With All Covers

Many burglars like targeting homes that have lots of covers. Why you ask? Well, covers offer thieves or burglars an opportunity to work in shadows. This way they can easily get in and out of your home without neighbours knowing. Better yet, it helps them shield their identity. This is why it is so important for homeowners to do away with all covers. Covers around your home can take a variety of forms. It can be trees surrounding your home. In some cases, it can be your garden or a bush near your home that’s slightly tall.

Another thing that’s overlooked and usually ends up giving burglars a huge advantage is street lights. Always ensure that street lights next to your home are working perfectly. This way, you’ll be able to do away with darkness near your home at night.

Install An Alarm System

Installing an alarm system is another easy way of improving home security. With alarms, you’ll be to do three critical things. What are they? Well, one, you’ll be able to deter burglars from staying in your home for way too long in the event they do break-in. Two, an alarm is sure to alert your neighbours that all is not well in your home. Thirdly, you can set up your alarm system in such a way that you’ll know if something happened in your home.

While still on the subjects of alarms, consider getting a dog. This will act as another layer of defence for your home security.

Store Your Valuables In A Safe Place

Storing valuable items in a safe place is another way of securing any home. Doing this ensures your prized possessions are safe in the event of a break-in or burglary. That said always go for reliable storage spaces like a safe.

For added information on how best to secure your home against theft or improve your home security, do contact iUnlock Locksmith. You can call us by dialling 1800 878 171. You can as well send an email to locksmith@iunlock.com.au.  

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