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What are the benefits of using a mobile locksmith? Below we get to answer this question about mobile locksmiths by looking at benefits associated with hiring one. 

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you need services of a locksmith in the middle of nowhere or at strange hours, am sure you appreciate the importance of a mobile locksmith. However, not many of us have been in such situations. This in turn results in one being left helplessness. This is especially true if one is locked out of their home or car at odd hours. One of the main reasons why some Australians are hesitant to seek these services is lack of knowledge. In particular, benefits associated with hiring a mobile locksmith.

Below we get to look at 5 key benefits of using a mobile locksmith. The 5 key benefits we’ll be highlighting are;

  • Locksmith Availability
  • Response Time
  • Up-to-Date Training
  • Specialised Services
  • Wider Reach

Mobile Locksmith Availability

A big plus associated with using a mobile locksmith in Australia is availability. Unlike a regular locksmith who you’ll need to book an appointment with a mobile locksmith is readily available. Furthermore, their services cover a wide area. So let’s say you’ve locked yourself out of your car in a place you aren’t familiar with, a place that’s far from home.

By simply dialling up a mobile locksmith they’ll be able to come to you and help solve your car lock problem. Even better, if you happen to seek services of a 24 hr mobile locksmith, you’ll get their services any time of the day. Same also goes with home lock systems. If you are unable to access your home because your lock(s) is defective, a mobile locksmith will assist you with that.

Response Time

If you’ve locked yourself out of your home or car at odd hours you need someone to come to your rescue quickly. With a regular locksmith, you’ll need to find an alternative or best solution to your problem. Why you ask? Well, regular locksmiths will require you to book an appointment. This is sure to take quite some time leading you to seek other alternatives as you wait.

With a mobile locksmith, however, the response time is much faster. Mobile locksmiths know the importance of your safety and family. As such, they’ll ensure you have access to your home as soon as possible. The same also goes if you lock yourself out of your car. They’ll have you back on the road in no time whether it’s just you or if you are with your family.

Extensive Training

Another plus associated with a mobile locksmith is the quality of work you get. For you to enjoy this however you need to go with a qualified professional mobile locksmith. For this, you’ll be better of going with iUnlock Locksmith mobile locksmith services. Why you ask? Not only are their mobile locksmiths extensively trained but they are also trained comprehensively. Furthermore, they are tested on a variety of locks before receiving an assignment. What this does is give them the expertise to handle just about any lock.

Specialised Services

Unlike regular locksmiths, mobile locksmiths are trained to specialise in certain services. For starters, you’ll find that a majority are specialised in a certain field of locksmithing. With specialised training, they are able to detect a number of problems that can affect various locks. This is something a regular locksmith cannot do. A good example of this is a mobile locksmith that has specialised in forensic locksmithing. Such a locksmith can tell if one has tampered with the lock or not. This is something a regular locksmith cannot do.

Wider Reach

As already mentioned earlier locksmiths offer their services in a number of areas. This also includes remote places where it’s only you leaving or driving at the moment. So let’s say you can’t access your car or home and you are in a distant remote place, simply phone a mobile locksmith up and they’ll be able to assist. Even better is that they’ll do it as fast as possible. A big reason why this is so is tools. Mobile locksmiths have a number of detailed tools needed for the right task. 


There you have it, benefits associated with using a mobile locksmith. While is good to point out the benefits understanding what mobile locksmiths do is equally as important. Briefly, locksmiths offer services like lock installation and replacement, emergency rekeying, master key system overhaul and much more.

If you are looking for a mobile locksmith in Australia do contact iUnlock Locksmith. We do have a team of professionals who are ready to offer you great advice and assistance. To contact iUnlock Locksmith over the phone, do dial. You can as well send an email to locksmith@iunlock.com.au.

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